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Conrad / Mar 13, 2017

Nothing like the smell of burnt tank husk in the morning.

As much as people like to hate on Firebrand & Stormcaller (and I'll admit the lightning spike bug was grating), that feeling when they finally go down makes it all worth it. And after a few hours of working out the finer points of the encounter this past Friday, down they went. Thanks and well played to everyone involved!

Last night we got some valuable experience with Colonel Vorgath's minefield, but while Zorn & Toth may have gone down easily on Friday, it's been made clear that we really don't have the collective gear to consistently beat the other bosses in EC.

So, with the upcoming gearing changes, I'd suggest shifting focus to the operations that are tuned more favourably for our current gear level (i.e. TFB, SnV, KP) until 5.2 hits and we can easily outfit everyone with 236 items and go back to the real progression. :)

Thanks again to everyone who attended this weekend, and I'll see you in-game!
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